Dress Code

  • Male Students need to wear, White Half Shirt with a Black Pant and for footwear White Sneaker shoe.
  • Female students need to wear white kameez and salwar with white Sneaker Shoes

General Rules

  • Attend campus 15 minutes prior to assembly
  • Attend the assembly at the appointed time
  • Leaving campus in order during the holidays
  • Not staying on campus for no reason after the holidays
  • It is compulsory to come to class in clean uniform
  • To show due respect to teachers
  • Regularly attend practical classes
  • Participate in library activities
  • Obey any instructions given by the authoritie
  • To show respect to senior students
  • Treating junior students with affection
  • Take off your shoes and enter the computer lab
  • Careful use of laboratory equipment.